4 May 2008

He is there and He is not silent

Posted in Philosophy tagged , at 11:35 by ybs

I have recently finished reading Francis Schaeffer‘s book: “He is there and He is not silent“. It really is an interesting book. Schaeffer tried to answer the question: “Does it make sense to believe in God?”. My understanding is that to answer that question he argued in 3 different areas:

1. Metaphysic
It doesn’t make sense that everything that exists begin from nothing, so at the eternal beginning there was something. Then the next question would be is this something personal or impersonal? If it is impersonal thing, then there would be no value of personality, because a person is merely a chemical machine. Then this view will lead to no other than inhumanity. So, the only possible solution is that everything must begins with personal being, whom we often call God.

2. Morality
Human is personal and finite. But how could we define right and wrong? What is the reference point? The only possible solution for this is there should be a personal infinite being to whom people can refer to determine what is right and wrong.

3. Epistemology
Again, because human is personal and finite, how can we know that we really know? How can we differentiate reality and fantasy? How can we communicate? Unless there is a universal big enough which gives particulars meaning. Christianity’s answer is that “everything fits under the apex of the existent, infinite-personal God”. (It seems to me that I cannot explain well, I suggest you to read the book. It is worth the effort.)

In the end, does it make sense to believe in God? Yes, but not just that, it doesn’t make sense to not believe in God.


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